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Meet Catherine

I love synagogues and deeply believe in their role as centers of meaning, community, and transformation. I particularly enjoy my conversations with people who are looking to bring more intentionality and thoughtfulness to their synagogue work.

For Brené Brown, “constant reminders of our most sacred purpose as well as an atmosphere where our own spiritual health is valued and nurtured” make it possible for people to “feel safe to be vulnerable . . . Vulnerability enables us to be brave.”

In my work with you, I will:


  • Help guide the process of creating a vision statement for your organization. 

  • Be a supportive listener to individual and organizational perspectives and to dreams for your organization and your role. And I’ll help bring a shared appreciation of multiple perspectives to the conversation.

  • Encourage ways to strategically implement and actualize your synagogue’s vision throughout the organization. Our work will infuse soul into every detail (even the seemingly most mundane tasks!), enabling everyone to derive more meaning in their work. 

  • Offer opportunities to reflect and reimagine roles and responsibilities and empower people in those roles.

  • Cultivate an atmosphere of innovation in which individuals and groups are able to be vulnerable and experiment with bold initiatives in an effort to nurture enduring personal and professional growth.

  • Be a calm, steady, and reassuring presence in all endeavors.

I look forward to embarking on this meaningful process with you!

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Let's Get Started

My Experience

I have worked for the past two decades to strengthen relationships between people and organizations and their connection to Judaism.

In founding Sacred Practice, I aspire to bring the transformational power of Judaism into all aspects of Jewish communal work, from the seemingly most mundane task to the most extraordinary, finding the sacred and lifting it up so that Jewish organizations radiate purpose and thus thrive. 

I began my Jewish professional career in 2001 as the Pennsylvania Regional Director of Outreach and Synagogue Community for the Union for Reform Judaism. In 2004, through Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, I became the Coordinator for the Center City Kehillah (community), working cross-denominationally to strengthen Jewish life in Philadelphia. I was the Director of Membership, Programming, and Philanthropy at Congregation Rodeph Shalom from 2008 to 2020.


From her earliest days as the Pennsylvania Regional Director of Outreach and Synagogue Community for the Union of Reform Judaism, Catherine understood the necessity for ever-deepening engagement of bringing together personal connection, Jewish meaning-making, and a new congregational scaffolding. 


—Dru Greenwood

Former Director, Reform Jewish Outreach, Union for Reform Judaism

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