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Sacred Practice aids in lifting up the efforts of every person who works to advance a congregation’s purpose.

Offering workshops, presentations, in-person support and consulting services.  



Available to synagogue professionals, lay leaders and employees. 

I can help you prepare an implementation strategy tailored to your needs. 

I work with individuals and synagogue-wide groups, both professionals and lay leaders, to help them reflect on and imagine how sacred purpose can inform each person's role. The outcome: all actions become increasingly aligned within one’s self and, by extension, with the organization in which one serves.


Central to this process is clarifying the vision of the community so the higher purpose may infiltrate every aspect of the enterprise. On the blog, I’ve provided 4 steps to help you get started as well as articles that illustrate the process in action.



Available to synagogues and Jewish organizations and institutions.

Sacred Practice’s workshops and presentations are adapted to meet your organization’s needs. Some introduce the Sacred Practice approach. Others kick off various aspects of your individualized plan, generating community interest and involvement. Some are “continuing education” that will take your program to the next level.


Sacred Listening, Listening is at the core of Judaism and to the work in Sacred Practice

Facilitated three-session class, 2022

Congregation M’kor Shalom


Ambassador Orientation Training, Welcoming New Members

Annual trainings, 2009–2020

Congregation Rodeph Shalom


Introduction to Judaism, psycho-social sessions

Introduction to Judaism, coordinated by the Union for Reform Judaism, is open to seekers, interfaith couples, and people who want to reconnect to Judaism

Taught annually throughout Philadelphia and South Jersey, 2003–2020





There is no fee for the initial “becoming acquainted” and information gathering conversation(s). Once we agree on a scope of service, fees will be based on an hourly rate. Some organizations may opt to create a plan and cap services at a certain amount that works within their budget.

For information, contact me at

Catherine Fischer is a “synagogue whisperer” who listens thoughtfully and critically in order to facilitate organizational growth. She is an exceptionally talented professional—a person who is able to bring disparate voices together. 

—Rabbi Philip Warmflash

Principal, Warmflash Consulting

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