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Sacred Practice is systematic (re)envisioning of everything that happens in a synagogue in an effort to align with sacred purpose. It ensures that every person working either in a lay or professional capacity is trained and supported in understanding and carrying out the synagogue’s vision, so that the transformational impact of Judaism is tangible throughout.



Sacred Practice nurtures an individual and synagogue-wide practice that strives for full alignment with sacred purpose. Centered on a relevant and accessible vision, it inspires professionals, staff, employees, and lay leaders to (re)imagine and nurture their own wells of spiritual inspiration. In turn, these individuals are empowered to create a culture where people can be imaginative, bold, and lifted up in holy work.



The pandemic has made abundantly clear the human need for community, meaning, and a place to process life’s liminal spaces, when you are “neither here nor there,” as well as what Rabbi Larry Hoffman calls nodal moments — points in your life where you sense the need for new direction. Thanks to virtual opportunities for connection during the pandemic, organizations that were aligned and focused on their aspirational purpose remained steady, and some that were institutionally nimble grew in attendance and monetarily.

If you are involved in any organization invested in Jewish communal life, Catherine is the first place you should turn for sage advice.  

—Avi Winokur, Rabbi Emeritus, Society Hill Synagogue, Philadelphia

About the Logo

The image of a fractal captures the essence of Sacred Practice.

Fractals are everywhere in nature. Fractals are a special kind of geometric shape that continuously replicate and have infinite complexity formed by simple equations. The fractal symbolizes the inspirational flow for personal and organizational spiritual engagement and expression. Each of us has the capacity for a meaningful spiritual consciousness brought into increasing awareness through a Sacred Practice. From there, and only with presence and intentionality on the part of the individual, each person can infuse that which is sacred into everything one does. When practiced in alignment with the vision of the congregation and close collaboration with professional and lay colleagues, a synagogue actualizes its ultimate purpose.

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